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Newport Partners provides a full range of professional consulting, analytical, and technical services to the building industry and beyond. We bring innovative technological developments into practice by establishing a strategic marketing approach and an integration process into the prevailing industry. In the past, we have developed and introduced quality processes into residential construction, along with focused activities supporting the improvement of housing durability.

The following is a brief listing of some our specialized services:

Codes & Standards

Newport Partners has extensive experience working on code and standards development. We have served on standard development groups, attended governing body’s meetings on behalf of a client, and analyzed codes and standards for clients. 

Resource Development

Newport Partners has developed and published a wide variety of industry resources for both private and public sector clients. These resources provide stakeholders in the building industry with relevant and comprehensible information, helping to improve the built environment.

Market Research & Project Development

A critical part of any business is understanding the market you are in and the ability to use that information to strategically plan for the future. Newport offers clients a variety of market research and strategic planning services that produce usable, actionable results.

Energy Analysis

Energy modeling and indoor environmental analysis provides decision makers with valuable information.

Program & Product Development

A core service Newport offers clients is program and product development and management. As the environment and landscape changes, clients often see the need to offer a new program service or product. At Newport, we aim to support our clients in their efforts to improve the built environment. 

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