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Newport Partners has developed and published a wide variety of industry resources for both private and public sector clients. These resources provide stakeholders in the building industry with relevant and comprehensible information, helping to improve the built environment. Our highly skilled staff offers a wealth of experience and knowledge related to technical and economic research, analysis, report writing, and publication structure and development. Newport has earned a reputation amongst our clients of delivering high quality, on time results.

Our resource development services include, but are not limited to:

Technical Resources and Industry Guides


Newport Partners has produced and published technical resources, guidebooks and manuals that support best practices in the building industry. We offer valuable insight by drawing together essential information from the industry resulting in guides that are concise, focused and accurate to help you and your audience absorb key information quickly. These resources provide stakeholders in the building industry with relevant and comprehensible information, helping to improve the built environment.

Newport Partners has developed guides to support best practices in the construction industry. Two examples of technical resource and industry guides are Durability by Design and an Innovative Building Technology Guide.

Durability by Design Guide

One of Newport's latest projects is an update to the Durability by Design Guide, a publication that discusses a sustainable future in homebuilding by building durable buildings. Building durability cannot be overlooked as a critical pillar of sustainability and building a sustainable future for Ameria. Topics include moisture management in modern/air sealed homes; high bang-for-the-buck disaster mitigation practices; and the critical link between sustainability and durability.

Download a copy of the Durability by Design: A Professional's Guide to Durable Home Design, October 2015 (PDF, 9.32MB).

A Guide to Innovations in Building Technology

Another current project of Newport's is the Innovative Building Technology Guide. This guide supports the adoption of innovative technologies in HUD-assisted housing properties. It provides a valuable resource that will assist building owners and operators, design professionals, and other decisionmakers through the process of identifying, evaluating, and ultimately implementing the technologies that best fit their needs.

Other Projects

Other guides developed by Newport Partners are A Model Transportation Plan to coordinate housing and transportation patterns, Safer, Stronger Homes: Reducing Your Risk During a Natural Disaster, and Strategies for Incremental Reconstruction.

Policy Papers

Our staff prepares detailed policy papers for both public and private clients. These papers range from scanning and identifying state and local building codes that impact our client’s business to conducting interviews, surveys, and secondary research to develop long-term policy guidance. Policy papers can be used internally or released to the public as part of a broader campaign.

New York City Benchmarking and Transparency Policy Impact Evaluation

This report provides readers with an understanding of both the approach and methodologies used to evaluate New York City’s benchmarking and transparency policy, as well as the results of the application of those methodologies. It presents a policy evaluation framework used for assessing the impacts of the policy in three key areas: market transformation progress, gross and net energy impacts, and non-energy impacts.

NFPA Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment

The primary purpose of this study is to review current home fire sprinkler system costs against the 2008 benchmark study to gain a better understanding of how increasingly widespread adoption of sprinkler ordinances impacts system cost. Using a larger sample size, the current study attempts to gain a better understanding of the impact of sprinkler ordinances on home fire sprinkler system cost and other factors that affect system cost.

NFPA Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment, September 2013 (PDF, 877KB)

Economic and Regulatory Analysis

Newport Partners also provides economic analysis on a variety of housing and construction related issues. Past examples include a HUD project designed to measure the value of energy upgrades to homebuyers, and a cost analysis of residential sprinkler systems. Newport also provides technical assistance to recognize and address regulatory issues related to building and construction. We have considerable experience dealing with regulatory barriers to affordable and workforce housing. Our staff has presented at conferences, written papers, and developed PR campaigns for governments addressing local regulatory and zoning issues.

Contact us if you are interested in our resource development services. 

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