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A core service Newport offers clients is program and product development and management. As the environment and landscape changes, clients often see the need to offer a new program service or product. At Newport, we aim to support our clients in their efforts to improve the built environment. Our team is well experienced at all stages of program and product development starting with strategic planning to development and ultimately implementation and management.

Program Development


DOE Zero Energy Ready Home

Newport provides technical analysis, outreach, and operations management for the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program. The DOE Zero Energy Ready program is a voluntary program recognizing innovative builders for achievements in energy efficiency and performance.

As the lead contractor involved in the design and implementation of the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program - and its predecessor, the Builders Challenge program - Newport is responsible for handling all partner outreach and support activities, in addition to promoting the program to the general public, and developing and maintaining all technical requirements.

Housing Innovation Awards

Since 2013 Newport has been responsible for developing and managing the DOE’s Housing Innovation Awards, recognizing the very best in innovation on the path to zero energy ready homes. Additionally, Newport designs and implements the Zero Energy Ready Home Builder Awards. Newport is involved in the content evaluation and marketing of this program.


Product Development


Newport works closely with Broan in many areas, including product development. Our clients, find that our staff's background in engineering, market analysis, codes and standards development, and our deep industry knowledge can help reduce time to market while improving the final product. Product development services include:

  • Market research to identify and anticipate demand for new products

  • Canvassing of codes and standards to identify critical features and performance parameters

  • Product design sessions: brainstorming with engineering, marketing, and industry perspective

  • Field testing of prototypes in actual or simulated occupancy scenarios

  • Data acquisition system specification, programming, and installation

  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting



Newport has worked with Viega on several projects to identify trends in the plumbing industry, analyze the impact of brand recognition, and identify opportunities for growth in the U.S. plumbing market. Our product development capabilities offer clients direction, feedback, and access to industry markets and experts which directly impact your sales. Newport's experienced team will design, collect, analyze, and report the information you need to make successful business decisions.

Contact us to learn more about our program development services.

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