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Newport Partners to Lead Two DOE Energy Efficiency Projects

NextGen Energy Workforce Training, Smart Hybrid Heat Pump Controls

(Davidsonville, MD)—Newport Partners, a Maryland-based building and housing consulting company, was awarded recently two grants by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Building Technologies Office, to support two of DOE’s goals in the building sector—enhancing building affordability and effectiveness of energysaving measures. “As a longtime contributor to programs to make America’s building industry more energy efficient, Newport Partners is excited to be able to support the Building Technologies Office with its Advanced Building Construction Initiative,” said Liza Bowles, Newport Partners president. “Public-private partnerships are key to helping the building industry adopt greater energy-efficiency practices.” The Newport Partners projects will: • Demonstrate how Smart Hybrid Heat Pump Controls can be optimized and used in existing cold-climate homes to provide significant energy efficiency and benefits from grid sourced from renewables; and • Develop a Next Generation Energy Workforce Training Program in climate zones 4, 5 and 6, that will increase understanding of advanced technologies, building science, and design and construction insights, to achieve building performance 50 percent better than code. Past energy efficient projects that Newport Partners has supported include DOE’s America’s Builder’s Challenge, Housing Innovation Awards and Zero Energy Ready Home Program, as well as the Maryland Energy Administration's Clean Energy Communities program, and several private sector client projects. Newport Partners provides analytical and technical services to the building and housing sectors. From market research, strategic planning and code adoption to technology roadmapping, policy analysis and technical assistance, Newport Partners has been working with the private and public sector since 2002.

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