Newport is supporting the Department of Energy Advanced Building Construction initiative with Next Generation Energy Code Training. Newport has developed an education and training program which will support the residential buildings sector in achieving advanced levels of energy efficiency and providing support for increasing the workforce. 

This program identifies and addresses critical skill and labor gaps, targeting key stakeholder groups, including builders, architects, engineers, building officials, the trades, entry-level laborers, and building owner/manager personnel. Training is focused on low-rise residential and multifamily construction—and related residential and commercial code provisions—covering a range of practices, from code-minimum to advanced strategies and technologies which can achieve efficiency improvements of 50 percent (compared to current code). The program will educate stakeholders on proven technologies, as well as the supporting building science and business propositions, from increased energy savings and affordability, to comfort, durability, health, and beyond. We envision this as the keystone of providing a workforce characterized by innovative building technologies, reduced environmental footprint, and prioritizing a sustainable and resilient building stock. 


Projected Outcomes:

  • A quality, collaborative, and state-of-the-art curriculum backed by industry expertise;

  • Increased access to training on energy efficiency technologies, systems and methods to deliver services more efficiently, cost-effectively, and with higher quality results;

  • Supplemental building science and technology strategies built into each module, including increased comfort, durability, health, resilience and disaster; 

  • An effective and scalable training-the-trainer delivery model, backed by data-driven metrics to measure success; and

  • Career path training focused on energy efficiency that benefits the industry in both the short- and long-term.


Call (301-889-0017) or email us to schedule a training. 


Current courses available:


Course 1:  What’s Required by the Energy Code and How to Show Compliance


Course 2:  Linking Advanced Building and Workforce to Careers/Programs


Course 3:  Whole House Mechanical Ventilation Options


Course 4:  All-Electric Homes for Cold Climates

Course 5: Insulation Strategies

Course 6: Cost-Effective Net Zero Energy Achievement Strategies

Course 7: Hot Water Innovations for Decarbonization

Upcoming Trainings