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Maryland Energy Administration Low-to-Moderate Income Grant Program

Since 2017, Newport has served as MEA’s technical support contractor for its award-winning Low-to-Moderate Income program. The “LMI” program offers competitive grants to nonprofits and local governments for whole-building, new construction, or individual measure energy efficiency upgrades that benefit low- to moderate-income Marylanders.

MEA LMI grants are competitively awarded for energy efficiency projects that generate significant reductions in energy use and pass on the benefits of the savings to Maryland’s LMI residents. Funds are allocated to each Maryland Region (see map below) based on the number of LMI income households located within the respective Region, in order to ensure an equitable distribution of grant funds. Grants will then be awarded competitively within the applicant pool for each Region.

Project Types


Figure  SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 1: FY21 Regional Funding Allocation

1. Whole Home/Building Residential Retrofits: Whole Home/Whole Building upgrades consist of performing a Building Performance Institute level energy audit on the residential home or building and then installing cost-effective energy efficiency and weatherization measures. Examples of installed measures are LED light bulbs, ENERGY STAR® qualified appliance upgrades, insulation improvements, air sealing, etc.

2. Whole Building Commercial Retrofits: Similar to the residential retrofits above, an energy audit on a commercial building is performed followed by the installation of cost-effective energy efficiency and weatherization measures. Examples of installed measures are LED light bulbs, control upgrades, insulation improvements, air sealing, etc.

3. New Construction with Incremental Efficiency Upgrades: New construction projects in which the project aims to improve efficiency to above-code levels. Only the incremental purchase cost of upgrading to a higher level of energy efficiency is reimbursable under the Program.

4. Limited Upgrades to Existing Commercial/Residential Buildings: An existing building/home in which the project does not require an energy audit, but rather seeks to make limited cost-effective upgrades to improve the performance and efficiency of the home/building.

See the MEA LMI Program page for more information on program results and how to apply.

Please contact Sam Bowles for questions related to the MEA LMI Program.

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