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Dual Fuel Heat Pump Controls

The project impact has been to raise awareness of the potential for more optimized control systems for residential dual fuel heating systems that can achieve improved performance in terms of emissions reductions, energy savings, and grid management.  We have already seen Mitsubishi HVAC (a member of the project Advisory Group) bring to market their Intelli-Heat system which is designed specifically for residential dual fuel conversions from furnace-only heating.  This system provides for controls which offer functionality that is similar conceptually to the project-developed rule set. Additionally, similar add-on heat pump systems designed for retrofits are now also available from Samsung and Bosch. This demonstrates the value of this project in building momentum for this innovation. 


We have also noted that dual fuel systems are permitted as an allowable innovation in the ENERGY STAR Next Gen certification program that focuses on high performance electric technologies.  Current DOE/NREL modeling analyses of dual fuel systems are also carefully evaluating the control methodology because this can potentially have a powerful impact on energy performance, costs, and GHG emissions. 


This project is being undertaken with funding support from the Department of Energy and with technical support from Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Read the report here.

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