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Panelized Light Gauge Steel Wall & Truss Framing System

As the residential building industry has begun to use cold-formed (or light gauge) steel on a more frequent basis, manufacturers have responded by developing technology to better meet the industry's needs. Many builders and framers have recognized that prefabrication, or panelization, provides efficiencies with steel that far exceed stick-built methods.

Panelized systems can reduce or eliminate the measuring, cutting, storage and layout necessary with traditional on-site construction. Panelization can improve production time and reduce waste, labor, and material costs.

Series 700 Roll Former & Decoiler Series 700 Roll Former & Decoiler
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The integration of design and related software with relatively-compact roll forming equipment has further improved the panelization process for either factory or on-site production. Examples of this are the NUCONSTEEL™, NUFRAME™ Panel System, and the NUTRUSS 2.0™ Truss System. These Steel framing systems combine roll forming equipment with integrated design and production software to produce steel frame panels and roof trusses. The software controls the entire process so that panels and trusses are produced in one seamless operation from coils to completed product. The members are formed, cut to length, holes punched and produced in the order they are used in the assemblies. The NUFRAME™ System supports 18 through 24 gauge steel, and the roll formers are available in either 3.5" or 5.5" profile widths, while the NUTRUSS 2.0™ System supports 22ga. and 20ga. for truss applications.

The NUFRAME™ and NUTRUSS 2.0™ Systems can provide the builder with powerful, yet simple to use design software, sophisticated roll former software, and state of the art roll forming equipment, creating just-in-time panels and trusses, eliminating work in progress inventory, waste and the need for additional equipment.


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